Okay, that is like the best photo I’ve ever taken. Like seriously. My iPhone decided to agree with me today, shockingly. Oh, where’s a DSLR when you need one?! But this seriously might be good enough for FoodGawker. I’ve been declined 26 times now. :/ I guess everything was in my favor when I took this photo, maybe my phone camera just likes cookies. Especially snickerdoodles. Well, who doesn’t like snickerdoodles?! Maybe someone who did the cinnamon challenge.  Eep. I think I’ll just stick to my Gangnam Style.

             I seriously have that song on my iPhone. I was just dancing around to it when I added that link up above, all while eating a cookie.  Oh, how I love the internet.

Oh, and I have an update.

         If you have read the title of this blog (which I really hope you have), you would know I’m still in middle school. Seventh Grade, to be exact. Still, my math teacher decides to give us about 50 problems a night. (You know who you are.) But anyway, I just want anyone who reads this blog a lot to know that I am not perfect, and I can’t post every single day, with an hour of cross country after school, an hour and a half of homework, and dinner with my family. So, don’t get mad if my posts are a little random. Just saying. 🙂

OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! I almost forgot about the cookie recipe. Don’t worry, that is right here on Kin Community. Totally worth it. ENJOY!!

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