Pink Macarons in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  So, today we got the day off from school, because of Hurricane Sandy. It hasn’t rained at all today. I probably just jinxed that huh. So I’m sitting on the couch right now, writing this blog post, and watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs. Aaah this is the life. But on a more serious note,

I HAVE RETURNED!! with snacks too!!!!!

SOOOOOO, I am back!!!!!! This whole week has been C-R-A-Z-AYYYYYY. Car rides are not my thing. But until I saw this awesome person. I have NO CLUE who this is, but I know that they are the best person ever. And, they probably would love my bloggg. Just saying, whoever you are.    But anyway,

Cranberry and Orange Scones

  To be honest, I love fall. I love chilly mornings with frost on the grass. I love vibrant colored leaves. And warm hot chocolate. And these scones. Definitely these scones. Oh yeah.  But I don’t really like school. That much. I mean I like seeing my friends, but every day when I try to wake up

Pork Gyoza (aka Dumplings)

    Okay people I have a few things to tell you: 1. I do NOT like homework (particularmente la clase de español) 2. My uncle came to town and let me borrow his Canon Eos 60d. Best day of my life. 3. These gyoza are better than those cookies that I made the other day


             Okay, that is like the best photo I’ve ever taken. Like seriously. My iPhone decided to agree with me today, shockingly. Oh, where’s a DSLR when you need one?! But this seriously might be good enough for FoodGawker. I’ve been declined 26 times now. :/ I guess everything was

Some Things Never Change. Well, Sometimes.

So, what would I do when my family wants cookies and we seriously have no more chocolate chips? Duh, use oreos!!! These are like the best invention ever.The best thing to ever happen to mankind. Yeah, that kinda good. They have the  texture of a chewy chocolate chip cookie, they taste like a chocolate chip


Lasagna. Uh, yum! If I could eat just one food for the rest of my life, it would be this lasagna. Now, that’s saying a lot. But not really. Who doesn’t love gooey layers of pasta tomato sauce and cheese? Especially the cheese. Okay, I’m gonna let you in on a secret of why this

Homemade Dog Treats

  Its so hard being a dog. Sleeping for 23 hours a day. And bouncing off the walls for the one hour. So, they need a special treat. Print Homemade Dog Treats Author: Junior High Foodie Recipe type: Dog Treat Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  20 mins   yummy dog treats for

Homemade Taco Seasoning

  Have you ever found yourself using a packet of taco seasoning? Who hasn’t, I mean, really? Well if you like tacos and healthier options, this is for you! Taco seasoning pouches are  FULL of sodium and other things you don’t need. My alternative? Read onnn. Print Homemade Taco Seasoning Author: Junior High Foodie Recipe type: seasoning

Mom’s Macaroni and Cheese

  Mac and Cheese. Gooey, crispy, lovely. Yup. That sounds about right. — ALSO, I’m not saying you should eat this every day. Really. You’ll die. From too much FLAVOR!! 😉 — Please note that you can make this lower fat by using reduced fat milk and cheese, but if you’re gonna go there, GO